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Segals Anti-aging Eye Cream .5oz
Reduces the appearance of puffiness, circles and fine lines. Specially formulated to revitalize tire..
Based on 2 reviews.
Segals Anti-aging Facial Cleanser 8oz
Look years younger without cosmetic surgery with the most advanced anti-aging skin care system to dr..
Based on 2 reviews.
Segals Anti-Aging Facial Masque
Look years younger without cosmetic surgery with this “facelift” in a jar. Your skin wil..
Item # RSS-INT-BAFM02 Series
$23.60 $30.25
Segals Anti-Aging Night Cream 2oz
This night cream will enable your skin to regenerate itself at night, when it is most active in repa..
Based on 1 reviews.
Segals Dandruff Flake Removal Conditioner
Helps control and relieve the flaking and irritation of the scalp. The conditioner goes to work inst..
Item # RSS-INT-CDC08 Series
$12.09 $15.50
Segals Dandruff Flake Removal Duo 8oz
This combo will help effectively relieve and control the symptoms of dandruff, as well as help preve..
Item # RSS-INT-XD120
Segals Dandruff Flake Removal Shampoo
Helps remove dandruff flakes and gently cleans and moisturizes the scalp, preventing irritation. Lea..
Item # RSS-INT-CDS08 Series
$12.09 $15.50
Based on 1 reviews.
Segals Dandruff Flake Removal Starter Kit 4oz
Dandruff is an exceptionally common scalp condition characterized by flaking and scaling. Intermitte..
Item # RSS-INT-XD105
Segals Dry Damaged Hair Conditioner 8oz
Conditioner for dry damaged and chemically treated hair. Adds moisture and nutrients. Fragrance free..
Segals Dry Damaged Hair Shampoo 8oz
Great for damaged Hair, this shampoo is conditioning, natural, organic, paraben and sulfate free, pr..
Segals Hair Root Cleansing Shampoo 4oz
This shampoo targets and clears away follicle-clogged sebum and reside. Contains patented peptides a..
Segals Hair Supplement 60pk
Complete and unique blend of herbal extracts to help strengthen the hair from within. Each 500mg cap..
Item # RSS-INT-SHS60
Segals No-rinse Skin Cleanser 4oz
A no-rinse, one step quick and easy skin cleanser contains aloe vera and glycerine to condition, soo..
Segals Once A Week Scalp Serum  4oz
Enhances and boosts your hair health program. Has three times the potency of scalp formula plus caff..
Segals ProScalp Conditioner
Specially formulated to help correct an itchy, flaky scalp and to condition the hair...
Item # RSS-INT-CPC08 Series
$12.09 $15.50
Segals ProScalp Shamp Cond 2pk 8oz
Helps relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, flaking and itchy scalp. Leaves the hair and scalp feeling ..
Item # RSS-INT-XD125
Segals ProScalp Shampoo
Helps relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, flaking and itchy scalp. It delicately cleanses the scalp a..
Item # RSS-INT-CPS08 Series
$12.09 $15.50
Segals ProScalp Starter Kit 4oz
Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin disporder which affects millions of men & women all over the ..
Item # RSS-INT-XD110
Segals Sensitive Scalp Conditioner 8oz
Fragrance-free with pure and gentle cleansers...
Segals Sensitive Scalp Shampoo 8oz
Fragrance free, with pure and gentle cleaners...