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Bed Head City Sleeker Maxxed Out + After Party 2pk
Includes Maxxed-Out 8oz and After Party 3.4oz for a special price for strong, protected frizz-free style and shine.
Item # RTI-BED-XD470
Bed Head Collosal Curl On The Rebound + Screw It 2pk
This set includes: On The Rebound 4.2oz Screw it 3.4oz
Item # RTI-BED-XD480
Bed Head Colour Goddess Tween 2pk 25oz
Specially put together to prolong the life of colored hair, the TIGI Bed Head Color Goddess Tween contains a shampoo and a conditioner that will nourish and smooth your hair, while retaining color so your hair stays looking vibrant for longer.Set Contains:TIGI Bed Head Color Goddess Shampoo...
Item # RTI-BED-XD952
Bed Head Curl About Town On The Rebound + Ego Boost 2pk
First use On The Rebound to create texture, then layer in Ego Boost to hydrate and create beautiful touchable curls. This pack includes: On The Rebound 4oz Ego Boost 8oz
Item # RTI-BED-XD500
Bed Head Dumb Blonde Tween 2pk 25oz
Keep your blonde tresses in optimum condition with the TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Tween. Containing a shampoo and a reconstructor treatment, the products will strengthen and protect your hair from damage, whilst improving the tone of you blonde hair, helping to prevent brassiness and unwanted...
Item # RTI-BED-XD951
Bed Head Elasticate Shampoo Conditioner Tween Duo 25oz
The TIGI Bed Head Elasticate Tween contains a shampoo and a conditioner that will strengthen and add elasticity to weak, brittle hair, helping to make it less prone to breakages. Your locks will be left looking strong, shiny and full of vitality.Kit Includes: TIGI Bed Head Elasticate Shampoo...
Item # RTI-BED-XD954
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Bed Head Fully Loaded Tween 2pk 25oz
Give limp locks volume memory you can see and feel with Fully Loaded Massive Volume Shampoo 25oz + Conditioning Jelly 25oz
Item # RTI-BED-XD940
Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray 10oz 2pk
Set includes 2 bottles of Hardhead Hairspray 10oz each. An incredible hairspray value!
Item # RTI-BED-XD960
Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray + After Party 2pk
This pack includes: After Party Smoothing Cream 3.4oz - For shiny, healthy looking hair Headrush 5.3oz - Shine adrenaline with a superfine mist
Item # RTI-BED-XD515
Bed Head Holiday 2018 Afterparty Masterpiece 2pk
Includes After Party 3.4oz and Masterpiece Shine Spray 9.5oz at a special price. Makes a great gift for her!
Item # RTI-BED-XD830
Bed Head Holiday 2018 Get Twisted + Foxy Curls Contour Cream 2pk
This set includes: Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray 6.8oz Foxy Curls Contour Cream 6.8oz
Item # RTI-BED-XD520
Bed Head Re-energize Tween 2pk 25oz
Perfect for tired or over-stimulated hair, the TIGI Bed Head Re-Energize Tween contains a shampoo and a conditioner that will work together to strengthen, protect and restore your locks, giving them a real boost of lustre and shine.Set Contains:Urban Antidotes Re-Energize Shampoo tween:...
Item # RTI-BED-XD910
Bed Head Recovery Tween 2pk 25oz
Specially put together to meet the needs of dry, dehydrated hair, the TIGI Bed Head Recovery Tween contains a shampoo and a conditioner that will give your hair a shot of hydration and shine so that it gets back to its lustrous self. Great for locks that are regularly exposed to coloring and...
Item # RTI-BED-XD925
Bed Head Resurrection Tween 2pk 25oz
The TIGI Bed Head Resurrection Tween duo will nourish and restore severely dry hair, helping to restore it back to health. With a shampoo and a conditioner, the products will hydrate, smooth and soften your hair to leave it looking lustrous and more manageable.Set Contains:Urban Antidotes...
Item # RTI-BED-XD930
Bed Head Superstar + Oh Bee Hive 2pk
Layer these two products for extreme volume and grip! This pack includes: Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray 10.2oz Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry Shampoo 5oz
Item # RTI-BED-XD540
Bed Head Totally Beachin Minis 3pk
This pack includes:     Totally Beachin Shampoo 2.5oz Totally Beachin Conditioner 2.5oz Beach Me Gel 3.4oz
Item # RTI-BED-XD565
Bedhead For Men Holiday 2018 Shampoo + Separation 2pk
Includes Clean Up Daily Shampoo 8.5oz and Matte Separation 3oz, for fresh hair with a flexible matte hold.
Item # RTI-BFM-XD120
Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Liter Duo 3pk 32oz
Replenish dry or damaged hair with essential moisturising agents, botanical extracts and herbs with BioSilk Hydrating Shampoo. Leaving strands silky and improving softness and suppleness, it’s ideal for dry or damaged hair. Silk proteins contained in BioSilk Hydrating Shampoo penetrate...
Item # RFA-BIO-XD205
Biosilk Silk Therapy Coconut Oil Intense Moisture Kit 2pk
Multipurpose coconut oil protects against heat and locks in moisture - for soft shiny hair and skin. Kit Includes: Silk Therapy Coconut Oil 3-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash 5.6oz Silk Therapy Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment 5.6oz
Item # RFA-BIO-XD105
Biosilk Silk Therapy Family 3pk
This pack contains Biosilk's Silk Therapy in 3 different sizes, to meet all your needs! Silk Therapy 2.3oz Silk Therapy 5.7oz Silk Therapy 11.6oz
Item # RFA-BIO-XD235