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Black Boomerang File (100/180)
Item # ANA-STA-A745
Black Cushion File (100/180) Green
Item # ANA-STA-A756
Black Cushion File Blue (80/80)
Item # ANA-STA-A741
Black Cushion Shorty File
Item # ANA-STA-A751
Denco 2.5" Pro Cuticle Scissors
Item # ANA-DEN-2164
Denco 2110 Stainless Steel Cuticle Scissors 3-1/2 Inch
Premium quality Italian scissors for the most professional results; stainless steel; will not rust.
Item # ANA-DEN-2110
Denco 3.5" Cuticle Scissors
Easy trimming for cuticles and hangnails, made of steel.
Item # ANA-DEN-2103
Denco 3.5" Nail Scissors
Curved blades trim even the toughest nails
Item # ANA-DEN-2104
Denco 3.5" Safety Scissor
Safety Scissors are rounded to protect sensitive skin
Item # ANA-DEN-4110
Denco 4" Nail Nipper
4" Nail Nipper has a curved head and precision-ground blades to cut nails cleanly and accurately.
Item # ANA-DEN-2403
Denco 5.5" Spring Toenail Nippers
These nippers have sharp cutting edges, strong construction and long handles. Locking mechanism keeps jaws closed.
Item # ANA-DEN-3405
Denco Corn Plane Blades 10pk
Item # ANA-DEN-3910
Denco Cuticle Nipper Quarter Jaw Stainless Steel
ULTRA has the ultimate in Professional Beauty Instruments. This tool is great for cutting back cuticles to prepare nails for a full manicure. Stainless Steel Perfect for preparing and removing cuticles Easy to use Must have for homes or salons
Item # ANA-DEN-2424
Denco Cuticle Nippers 4"
Item # ANA-DEN-2401
Denco Cuticle Pusher
This cuticle pusher has a rounded end and a square end for maximum efficiency. Tips make it easy to push back cuticles without damaging/scratching nail beds.
Item # ANA-DEN-2977
Denco Cuticle Trimmer W/sheath 2272
Trims cuticles and hangnails, includes protective sheath.
Item # ANA-DEN-2272
Denco Easy Tweeze
What it is: Permanently aligned tips; fast, sure scissor grip. What it does: Flat tip tweezer help to trim eyebrows easily. What else you need to know: Now skincare is a breeze!
Item # ANA-DEN-4850
Denco Heavy Duty Nail Brush
Extra stiff durable bristles quickly clean, while being gentle. Solid chunky handle is easy to hold.
Item # ANA-DEN-2735
Denco Manicure Sticks 10pk
Item # ANA-DEN-2974
Denco Nail Clipper With File
What it is: Ready-to-clip position eliminates twisting and turning the handle. What it does: advanced power design cuts thick, hard nails with ease. comfortable, non-slip handles for a steady, sure grip enhanced performance for people of all ages and abilities, including those suffering from...
Item # ANA-DEN-2545