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Nioxin Bodifying Foam 6.8oz
A styling mousse with Prothick technology provides manageable body and hold for thicker, fuller-look..
Item # RNI-NIO-LBF07
Nioxin Deep Protect Density Mask
Nioxin Deep Protect Density Mask - Density-Protect Mask With Densiprotect Technology that Strengthen..
Item # RNI-NIO-SDPDM05 Series
$16.24 $21.95
Nioxin Definition Creme 5.1oz
A smoothing cream for hair that reduces frizz, gives definition and refines hair texture.Recommended..
Item # RNI-NIO-LDC05
Nioxin Diamax Advanced Xtrafusion Treatment
An innovative leave-on treatment used to increase the thickness of each existing hair strand for a f..
Item # RNI-NIO-LDA03 Series
$44.36 $59.95
Nioxin Diamax Xtrafusion Treatment 3.4oz
Nioxin Diamax, Hair Thickening & Breakage Protection Treatment For Thinning Hair increases the t..
Item # RNI-NIO-LD03
Nioxin Instant Fullness Dry Shampoo 4oz
Instantly refresh hair and gain denser and fuller-looking hair with Nioxin Instant Fullness Dry Clea..
Item # RNI-NIO-FIF04
Nioxin Litre Pump 33.8oz
Item # RNI-NIO-ZAP33
Nioxin Night Density Rescue 2oz
Inspired by the body's nightly regeneration process, Nioxin Night Density Rescue is a leave-on night..
Nioxin Niospray Strong Hold Finishing Spray 10.1oz
A firm finishing spray with extra hold for longer-lasting end looks. Nioxin Niospray Strong Hold Hai..
Nioxin Rejuvenating Elixir 5.1oz
A leave-in hair moisturizer to help rejuvenate the hair’s texture, leaving it soft, manageable..
Item # RNI-NIO-LRE05
Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment 2.5oz
Dermabrasion Treatment is an anti-aging treatment to help regenerate and revitalize scalp skin throu..
Item # RNI-NIO-SSR03
Nioxin System 1 Cleanser Shampoo
Nioxin Bionutrient Actives Cleanser is a detoxifying shampoo for fine, thin, non-chemically treated ..
Item # RNI-NIO-C1S10 Series
$15.50 $20.95
Nioxin System 1 Kit
The Nioxin System 1 Retail Kit (for Natural Hair with Light Thinning) amplifies hair texture and pro..
Item # RNI-NIO-XD100
Nioxin System 1 Litre Duo
Nioxin System 1 for thinning natural, non-colored hair amplifies hair texture and protects hair agai..
Item # RNI-NIO-XD130
Nioxin System 1 Scalp & Hair Treatment
Refresh the scalp and increase hair volume with Nioxin's three part System 1 Scalp & Hair Treatm..
Item # RNI-NIO-S1ST03 Series
$22.16 $29.95
Nioxin System 1 Scalp Therapy Conditioner
Strengthen and moisturize your hair with Nioxin's System 1 Scalp Therapy Conditioner for Natural Hai..
Item # RNI-NIO-C1C10 Series
$18.46 $24.95
Nioxin System 2 Cleanser Shampoo
Prepare the scalp and hair for a complete hair thickening treatment with Nioxin's three part System ..
Item # RNI-NIO-C2S10 Series
$15.50 $20.95
Nioxin System 2 Litre Duo
The Nioxin System 2 Liter 2pk (for Thinning Natural, Non-colored Hair) delivers thicker, fuller hair..
Item # RNI-NIO-XD135
Nioxin System 2 Natural Progressed Thinning Retail 3pk
System 2 delivers thicker, fuller hair, while protecting every hair strand against damage. System 2 ..
Item # RNI-NIO-XD105
Nioxin System 2 Scalp Therapy Conditioner
Strengthen and moisturize hair with Nioxin's three part System 2 Scalp Therapy Conditioner for Natur..
Item # RNI-NIO-C2C10 Series
$18.46 $24.95