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Babyliss PRO 9" Clipper Comb
  Made of flexible fiber & nylon for durability, ideal for fade cuts and clipper-over-comb technique.   Choice of Black, Red or White
Babyliss PRO Flat Top Comb
BabylissPro Flat Top Comb BESTOPCOMBUCC Can be used with clipper or shears, creates precision cuts, comb has a built in Bubble level designed to give a fast and accurate cut
CHI Infratech Comb Carver
CHI Infratech Comb Carver is a 2-in-1, longer design comb 2-in-1 Longer Design Balanced Centralized Razor Sectioning Comb 5 Extra Blades Included  
Item # RFA-CHI-TAC0071
CHI Infratech Texturizing Razor Comb
CHI Infratech Texturizing Razor Comb 2-in-1 Removable Razor Texturizer All Purpose Comb 5 Extra Blades Included  
Item # RFA-CHI-TAC0072
CHI Turbo Backcomb Brush
CHI Turbo Backcomb Brush is ideal for backcombing and styling to give hair ultimate volume and style control. CHI 44 Ceramic Nylon Tips on all bristles for comfort Non Slip handle for easy styling Unparalleled performance and durability Large tail/pin for detailing and lifting the...
CHI Turbo Silicone Short Taper Comb SL50
CHI Turbo Silicone Small Cutting Comb SL50 (GF5011) Comb gives locks a smooth look. Silicone Technology Smoothes Hair Cuticle Static Free Minimal Moisture Absorption Resistant to High Heat & Chemicals Flexible
Item # RFA-CHI-TAC5011
Cleopatra Barber Comb 450
Tapering style barber comb. Made in USA.
Item # SCO-DAN-C450
Cleopatra Rake Comb 435c
Item # SCO-DAN-C435C
Cleopatra Tail Comb 430
Tail comb. Made in USA.
Item # SCO-DAN-C430 Series
$2.23 $2.75
from $2.23 USD
Cleopatra Wave & Styling Black Comb 415
Made in the USA
Item # SCO-DAN-C415
Cleopatra Wave & Styling Comb 400
Wave and styling comb. Made in USA.
Item # SCO-DAN-C400 Series
$2.23 $2.75
from $2.23 USD
Dannyco Goldielocks Wave Comb With Ruler Measure
7inch (18 cm) all purpose styler. Fine teeth for precision cutting. Wide teeth for low tension combing. Manufactured for added strength, low friction and heat resistance. Thermal Professional comb manufactured exclusively from DuPont Delrin Acetate (Quality Alternative to Hard...
Item # SCO-DAN-G4
Dannyco Large Volume Comb
For combing and styling thick or curly hair Polished teeth with double-dipped tips, have no sharp edges Ultra-smooth finish safeguards hair from being pulled and broken when combed Gentle to the hair and scalp Professional durable thermoplastic material
Esquire Grooming The Classic Dual Comb
Clearance. Final Sale. The classic dual comb features two different teeth patterns.
Item # RFA-ESQ-TAC1002
Esquire Grooming The Classic Dual Travel Comb
Clearance. Final Sale. The classic dual comb features two different teeth patterns in a convenient travel size.
Item # RFA-ESQ-TAC1003
Esquire Grooming The Classic Straight Comb
Item # RFA-ESQ-TAC1001
Esquire Grooming The Cutting Comb Set
Kit includes: All Purpose Cutting Comb Standard Cutting Comb Tapered Cutting Comb Flat-Top Cutting Comb Storage Case
Item # RFA-ESQ-TAC1020
Krest Metal Pin Tail Comb
8.75" weaving/foiling coarse teeth rat tail pin tail comb. Extra long, stainless steel. Made in USA.
Item # SCO-DAN-C4630
Majestic Keratin Heat Resistant Easy Comb
Majestic Keratin Easy Comb is essential for all Majestic Hair treatments application as well as a heat resistant and anti-static tool. The comb will make your hair styling and straightening experience easier by assisting to untangle knots and improves the overall straightening results.
Moroccanoil Combs
The Moroccanoil Comb Collection is a high-quality range of extra-strong, heat-resistant combs. These four distinct combs feature rigid teeth that provide grip and control, while seamless, smooth construction prevents hair from snagging. Available in four variants.
$16.00 $18.00
from $16.00 USD