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Krest Cleopatra Tail Comb
Tail comb. Made in USA.
Item # SCO-DAN-C430 Series
from $2.99
Krest Cleopatra Wave & Styling Comb
Wave and styling comb. Made in USA.
Item # SCO-DAN-C400 Series
from $2.99
Moroccanoil Combs
The Moroccanoil Comb Collection is a high-quality range of extra-strong, heat-resistant combs. These four distinct combs feature rigid teeth that provide grip and control, while seamless, smooth construction prevents hair from snagging. Available in four variants.
from $17.00
WetBrush Epic Carbonite Comb
Designed to withstand high heat and the wear and tear from common salon chemicals. Carbonite ultra lightweight and super strong Anti-static to eliminate flyaways and reduce frizz Smooth finish provides less friction which reduces damage to the hair cuticle Rounded teeth are gentle on the...
from $10.99
WetBrush Large Detangler Comb
The Waved Teeth distribute hair evenly across the tooth shaft for easy combing. Good for detangling Wet or Dry Hair For all hair lengths Use on thick, curly or straight hair. Great for hair extensions & wigs.
Item # SCO-WET-WCBK Series
from $10.99
Y.S. Park 150 Carbon Tail Comb 218mm
Hello volume! The perfect comb for teasing hair with triple teeth for irresistible volume and body. Three rows of teeth, this unique design ensures when backcombing you achieve great volume with precise detail. Inner row made from carbon to reduce frizz. Zig-Zag design within the inner...
Item # SCO-YSP-TAC150 Series
from $61.95