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Self Care

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Aqua Hair Extensions Hair Mask 16.9oz
This Mask Is Designed To Revitalize And Hydrate. Leaving Your Hair Soft And Manageable. 16.9 oz How To Use: After using Aqua Hair Extensions Shampoo, apply a dollop of products from mid-shaft to ends onto wet hair. Leave On For 5-10 Minutes. Rinse With Cool Water.
Item # SMA-AQU-SHM17
Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator
You can depend on Ardell to offer you a full line of accessories to help you achieve an amazing look of thicker, longer, prettier lashes. Lash & Brow Growth Accelerator is a concentrated serum of multi-proteins that works to immediately repair weak lashes and restore thickness of...
Ardell Dual Lash Applicator
You can depend on Ardell to offer you a full line of accessories to help you achieve an amazing look of thicker, longer, prettier lashes. Easily apply false lashes Curved end for flawless application Angled tip to secure lahses How to Use: Use the curved end of the applicator to...
Ardell Faux Mink Lashes
Ardell's Faux Mink Lashes are luxuriously lightweight lashes. Ultra-soft fabulously full lashes create an effortlessly glamorous look. Dramatic, spiked effect Lash that is slightly longer in the center opens eyes Silky soft fibers Uneven lash lengths give a feathery look Medium...
Item # EMA-AME-EFM810 Series
$6.49 $8.32
from $6.49 USD
Ardell LashFree Remover
Specially formulated to use with LashTite Individual Eyelash Adhesive. If you're an individual eyelash wearer, this is your essential remover. It quickly dissolves your eyelash adhesive for easy removal of your individual lashes. Its effective formula is also gentle and safe.
Ardell LashTite Adhesive 3.5g
Adhesive is a longer lasting glue and is used on individual lashes only. It can hold lashes for weeks but must be removed with LashFree Remover if it becomes necessary to remove the lashes. How to Use: Thoroughly clean your eyelashes and eyelids so they are make-up and oil free. Pour a few...
Item # EMA-AME-ALTCL Series
$4.49 $5.76
from $4.49 USD
Ardell Magnetic Gel Liner
If you've ever had trouble applying lashes, even magnetic ones — we got you! A new innovation in magnetic lashes allows you to apply magnetic lashes with a gel eyeliner in just 2 steps! Perfect for every lash lover, but especially suited for beginners and those who are allergic to lash...
Item # EMA-AME-EM36854
Ardell Magnetic Lash Applicator
Introducing Ardell's Magnetic Lash Applicator, the easy-to-use tool that lets you apply your favorite magnetic lashes with absolute speed and precision. We've designed this lightweight plastic applicator to simplify every step of the application process. Our curved applicator prongs seamlessly...
Ardell Pro Lash Applicator
You can depend on Ardell to offer you a full line of accessories to help you achieve an amazing look of thicker, longer, prettier lashes. The line includes a lash comb, a precision eyelash curler, heated eyelash curler, pencils and more.
Australian Gold Forever After All Day Moisturizer 22oz
While it's true that no tan can last forever, you can dramatically increase the staying power of your color by applying Australian Gold FOREVER AFTER All Day Moisturizer with Hemp between your tanning sessions. The formula gives your skin the essential moisturizers and nutrients that it needs to...
BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick Treatment
When hair lacks moisture, it lacks shine, elasticity and bounce, making it brittle and harder to manage. Thirsty hair needs treatment fast; feeding it with essential moisture will give improved elasticity and a longer-lasting, healthy-looking shine. Hyaluronic Moisture Kick rebalances and...
Item # RSC-BON-SHMKT07 Series
$18.92 $24.25
from $18.92 USD
BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze Treatment
After a colouration, current care technologies mainly seal the cuticle, leaving the matrix structure unattended which can lead to a lack of resilience, hair breakage and dramatic colour fade.  When hair is adjusted to the optimal pH value of 4.5, the matrix around the cortex microfibriles...
Item # RSC-BON-SCFT07 Series
$18.92 $24.25
from $18.92 USD
BC Bonacure Q10+ Time Restore Treatment
Our brilliant BC TIME RESTORE formula combines Q10 with our breakthrough Nutrifiller technology to immediately erase visible signs of aging and stimulate the hair’s natural keratin synthesis. BC Time Restore Treatment is strengthening treatment for mature hair. How to use: Apply to the...
Item # RSC-BON-SQ10T07 Series
$18.92 $24.25
from $18.92 USD
BCL Spa 4-Step System Milk & Honey White Chocolate
A complete manicure and pedicure system are now available in a convenient packette box! Sized for single use, you can control portions, take on-the-go or affordably sample all treatment-based fragrances! Gently softens the skin to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance for much...
Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator
Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator does the work for you and saves your time! Quickly and effectively removes even the toughest cuticle growth. Use with manicure, pedicure and artifical nail services.   Quickly removes tough cuticle growth in seconds Use with all manicure and pedicure...
Item # ANA-RED-CE02 Series
$8.54 $10.95
from $8.54 USD
Biosilk Color Therapy Intensive Masque 4oz
This Intensive Masque with gooseberry extract, VibraRiche® and rooibos, shields hair from color fading and environmental damage while adding strength and moisture. Bamboo extract will help seal hair’s cuticle to prevent color from fading while promoting richer, shinier and more vibrant...
Biosilk Hydrating Therapy Deep Moisture Masque 8.5oz
This deep moisture masque is formulated with the power of quinoa and silk to calm, hydrate and repair the hair. Bathe your hair in the intense, deep penetrating moisture of quinoa, the strength of silk and the protection of maracuja oil. This extra rich formula is sure to calm, hydrate and...
Biotop Professional 19 Pro Silver Hair Mask 18.6oz
Maximize the beauty of blond, gray or silver hair by using Biotop Professional's special line of products for this purpose. Get the right blonde treatment. Discover the charm of bright colors. his active moisture mask's unique formula was created to eliminate hair's yellow and brassy tones....
Item # RBI-TOP-19SPSM18
Biotop Professional 24K Pure Gold Hair Mask 8.5oz
High performance formula for all hair types, especially dry, damaged and over-processed hair. The ultimate "active gold" formula rebuilds each fiber from within, stimulates hair follicle growth, revitalizing and restoring its youthful texture. This exquisite formula contains 24K Colloidal Gold...
Item # RBI-TOP-24SGHM08
Biotop Professional 69 Pro Active Curly Hair Mask
Frizz, puffiness, tangles - curly hair needs a little more love. Give dry, dehydrated or unruly curls the moisture they deserve with Biotop's specially-formulated nourishing curly hair series. The unique formula for this collection is made up of eight main ingredients that promote moisture,...
Item # RBI-TOP-69SPAM12 Series
$42.08 $53.95
from $7.76 USD