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Black Boomerang File (100/180)
Item # ANA-STA-A745
Black Cushion File (100/180) Green
Item # ANA-STA-A756
Black Cushion File Blue (80/80)
Item # ANA-STA-A741
Black Cushion Shorty File
Item # ANA-STA-A751
Denco Nail Clipper With File
What it is: Ready-to-clip position eliminates twisting and turning the handle. What it does: advanced power design cuts thick, hard nails with ease. comfortable, non-slip handles for a steady, sure grip enhanced performance for people of all ages and abilities, including those suffering from...
Item # ANA-DEN-2545
OPI Brilliance Long Buffer
The OPI brilliance long buffer outperforms, outshines and outlasts all other professional polishing files. Quickly and effortlessly brings artificial and natural nails to a high-gloss shine. Green side removes imperfections; white side polishes to a shine that is nothing short of brilliant.
Item # AOP-OPI-FI161
OPI Disposable 1-time Use File Silver 150/180 Grit 46pk
Disposable one-time use files that shape and contour enhancements.
Item # AOP-OPI-FI701
OPI Edge Silver 180 File
Contours, shapes and refines scratches.
Item # AOP-OPI-FI611
OPI Edge White 240 File
Removes imperfection without black residue. Ideal for natural nails and wrap services.
Item # AOP-OPI-FI621
OPI Finisher File For High-gloss Shine  Fi131
For a high-gloss shine without polish!
Item # AOP-OPI-FI131
OPI Flex File Silver/moss 220/280 Buffer
Removes imperfections and prepares enhancements for high-shine buffers.
Item # AOP-OPI-FI641
OPI Flex Silver 100/180 Grit Buffer
Removes scratches and prepares enhancements for lacquer, resin and gel top coats.
Item # AOP-OPI-FI631
Satin Smooth Mini Nail Files Purple + Cover - Single
The counter display holds 18 double sided stainless steel pocket nail files. Coarse side 180 grit, great for artificial nails and filing. Fine side 240 grit, great for natural nails and smoothing. Reusable and durable; won’t rust. If you purchase QTY:18, you get the display for...
SilkLine 100/180 Black/Green Nail File DP-3
Hygienic, disposable black cushion file that is easy to identify by the colour-coded (green) centre. Durable and economical.
Item # ANA-DAN-DP3
SilkLine Black Boom Nail File 100/180 DP-7
Hygienic, disposable boomerang file cushioned to go around the cuticles.
Item # ANA-DAN-DP7
SilkLine Black Nail File 400/400 DW-10
The hygienic, disposable wood core file is thin and ideal for natural nails.
Item # ANA-DAN-DW10
SilkLine Cushion Blue Nail File 80/80 Grit DP-1C
Hygienic, disposable black cushion file that is easy to identify by the colour-coded centre. Durable and economical.
Item # ANA-DAN-DP1
SilkLine Cushion Nail File 120/320 Grit DP-26C
Grit: 120 / 320 (coarse & ultra fine) Double-sided: blue coarse side and aqua ultra fine side Cushioned centre Use on artificial or natural nails Suitable for manicures or pedicures Sanitizable Hygienic Disposable Individually wrapped Durable and economical 7" long
Item # ANA-DAN-DP26
SilkLine DB-13C Large Four-Sided Buffer
Hygienic disposable buffer for a gleaming, natural shine on natural or artificial nails. Smooth with the black side, buff with the white side, and polish with the grey side.
Item # ANA-DAN-DB13
SilkLine Disposable Buffing Blocks 50pk DBMINIC
Designed for manicures and pedicures, convenient and hygienic - simply dispose after use. Double-sided 150/150 grit is ideal for buffing, shaping and removing product. The pink grit gives cleaner results. It will not contaminate gel or acrylic compounds to the same extent as dark coloured grit...