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Headbands & Hair Ties

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Invisibobble Nano Hair Rings 3pk
Closing the gap between hair ties and bobby pins, invisibobble® NANO is the one and only styling tool you’ll never ever want to miss!  Small, stretchy hair ties that look like a retro phone cord slips on and places even pressure around the circumference of your ponytail without...
from $9.00
Invisibobble Original Hair Rings 3pk
invisibobble, the traceless hair ring, has found its way into the hair of girls and guys for good reasons. Asking yourself WHY? No kink, hair caring, strong hold – the invisibobble ORIGINAL’s unique spiral shape makes it possible! That’s why the invisibobble hair tie...
Item # SMA-INV-BOBBK Series
from $9.99
Invisibobble Slim Hair Rings 3pk
invisibobble Slim - the elegant hair ring, an intricate touch to the famous spiral shape of the ORIGINAL hair tie! Without an effort, the invisibobble SLIM hair ring creates a bouncy ponytail or a voluminous bun and it the perfect tool for both a stylish office hairdo and for a...
from $10.00
Tassel Hollywood Headband
Every TASSEL Headband is carefully crafted using delicate seed beads, rhinestone chains and jewels, all strung and set using a tambour technique that is completely done by hand. Each band is backed with genuine leather and has an adjustable strap that is finished with a signature TASSEL charm....
Item # SHA-HCO-HHOGB Series
from $36.65
Invisibobble Power Hair Rings 3pk
Power, the strong grip hair ring! You can’t tame your lion’s mane? Does your hairstyle struggle to keep up with your strength and stamina during workouts? The new invisibobble power is the answer for everyone with voluminous hair, or an active lifestyle, that want an extra strong...
from $10.75
Invisibobble Kids Hair Rings 3pk
With the invisibobble® KIDS hair ties it is time to say bye, bye to annoying knots and hair pain.Once upon the time in a kingdom far away, a fairy called Magic Rainbow met the lovely Princess Sparkle. They instantly became best friends and to spread their happiness, they covered the world of...
Item # SMA-INV-BOBKMR Series
from $9.00
Invisibobble Multiband
From now on, headband and ponytail can be worn with only one tool at the same time and there is nothing getting in the way of the next workout. The perfect cure for annoying hair.The classic spiral form of the integrated invisibobble® allows for a firm and strong grip, while being gentle to...
Item # SMA-INV-MBRR Series
from $11.75