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Wilma Schumann Blemarex Acne Gel
Blemarex Acne Gel is designed to reduce the appearance of blemishes and pimples on acne-prone skin. For all skin types, except sensitive skin. Contains Salicylic acid and Oxo-Chloro Complex, a special proprietary formula rich in Oxygen and Chloro IV, known for their antimicrobial benefits....
Item # EWI-WIL-SBA01 Series
from $45.59
Wilma Schumann Oil-Free Nourishing Serum
Light serum that nourishes your skin via extracted Omega-3 rich Salmon caviar. Exceptionally effective for oily, acne prone to normal skin. Contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. A concentrated serum formulated to hydrate and improve the appearance of damaged skin. No...
Item # EWI-WIL-RNP01 Series
from $67.30
Wilma Schumann Oily/Acne Take Home Kit 3pk
Part of a daily regimen for targeted cleansing, toning and hydration. Purify, neutralize, disinfect and hydrate oily/acne-prone skin. Includes: Purifying Cleanser Gel 7oz Purifying Astringent Pads (60pads) Oxygen Moisturizing Serum 1oz Bag
Wilma Schumann Oxygen Moisturizing Serum
A serum moisturizer saturated with lipids and pure Oxygen. Contains Phospholipids, Sphingolipids and Oxycarrier K known for unparalleled moisturizing and antibacterial benefits. Ideal for all skin types. Especially effective as an oil-free moisturizer for oily or acne prone skin. Refreshing...
Item # EWI-WIL-MOB01 Series
from $67.30
Wilma Schumann Purifying Astringent Pads 60pk
Convenient exfoliating pads saturated with an antibacterial solution containing Salicylic and Glycolic acids. Removes oil, impurities and dead skin cells. Refreshing. Paraben free. For oily or acne prone skin. How to Use: Cleanse your skin with one of our Cleansers. Use Purifying Astringent for...
Wilma Schumann Purifying Cleanser Gel
Deep cleansing gel. Formulated to cleanse oily or acne prone skin. Will not dehydrate skin. Light natural fragrance. Paraben free. For oily or acne prone skin. How to Use: Wet face. Apply with circular motions. Rinse well with warm water. Use AM and PM. Follow-up with Purifying Astringent Pads.
Item # EWI-WIL-CPC07 Series
from $32.57
Wilma Schumann Purifying Facial Mask
A creamy and natural face mask designed to reduce the appearance of excess sebum in oily or acne prone skin. Natural antimicrobial and astringent. Paraben free. For oily or acne prone skin. How to Use: Cleanse skin. Apply over the entire face and neck areas. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove with...
Item # EWI-WIL-CMPM04 Series
from $47.76